Street Photography, NYC Part II

Returning now to the far less dramatic streets of New York back in April I have another batch of photographs.

People-watching was probably my favourite thing to do in New York because there’s an endlessly fascinating parade of people wherever you go. And there’s also an infinite number of distractions on the street which make it easier to get candid photos of people going about their lives.

Full disclosure; some of the hipsters featured here were imported for the duration of the shoot.


VICE- providing a little window into the misery of people elsewhere.  Friday's at 11pm.

Crowds at a pedestrian crossing in New York City's Times Square Crowds at a pedestrian crossing in New York City's Times Square


Wedged between paunchy spiderman and tatty spongebub but still in high spirits. Central Park bubbles Mike Greaney in New York City. Love the His-n-Hers running gettup.


Crowds of tourists on the streets of times Square, New York City. A yellow cab weaves through traffic in New York city.


Yellow Cabs at an intersection in NYC


Street scene, New York City. Blender(?) instead a bar in Willamsburg, Brooklyn. 'Stop praying' billboard in NYC Various oddities in an op-shop in Willamsburg in Brooklyn, NYC.

Cashiers desk at a shop in Willamsburg, Brooklyn.