Mt Carmel in Hera is named for the Mountain in northern Israel where the Carmelite order was founded by pilgrims or soldiers during the crusades.

East Timor: Part 1

In 2008 I went to East Timor with some volunteers from my high school to install an electrical system for a school in a village called Zumalai on the south coast. We brought over some tools and electrical equipment and I brought back a few words in Tetum and a cute little tropical parasite.

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When I started it this site was dedicated to inspiring work in any medium. It was a chance for me to share news and resources with other creative types and let people know what I’m working towards and where I’m coming from.

Since that time it’s turned into a bit more of a diary/travelogue with the occasional essay thrown in for good measure. As it turned out the world of commercial design doesn’t lend itself to nice debriefs on the creative process. That being the case, I tended to steer the blog towards showcasing artwork and design projects by people that I found inspiring. I also posted my own photos occasionally- but usually months or years after the fact.

In 2015 when it came time to re-design and overhaul the site I went back and re-visited those old posts hoping to update the images or find higher-res versions and was thrilled to re-discover those artists and see how their work had evolved in the intervening years.

I still work as a designer. I still shoot when I get the chance. It still takes me ages to get around to processing my photos.