Magpie Studios

I’m having trouble keeping up with all the web aggregates and feeds and enewsletters and cryptic notes I’ve written to myself.   I’m digging up and stumbling upon things while stuff is buzzing and tweeting so I can’t be sure how I came across Magpie Studios but I’m glad I did.

I could devote a post to every job on this site they’re all so pretty. There a clear style running through all the work at Magpie and there’s a definite advantage to that. For the client it means they can have a rough idea of the final product before they’ve even picked up the phone. For the studio it means they can sit back let their portfolio attract new work in a similar vein. If part of their style is also consistantly innovative design then so much the better for all involved.

The three projects I’ve decided to cross-post here are; firstly- packaging for an audio info pack aimed at drug addicts in the British prison system (from the suitably Orwellian ‘ISMG Interventions and Substance Misuse Group), secondly- a media kit for a photography exhibition and a set of infographics entitled ‘food for thought‘ that combines statistics on sustainability in the form of food and drink.

See More on their website.