Architecture of New York

I found it hard to take photos of the buildings in New York city.

You see something you like and there’s really no way to get far enough away from it to frame it properly. There are literally two places that allow tourists to view the skyline of NYC these days but over the years 27 buildings have had observation decks open to the public at one time or another. Added to that is the fact that there’s really just too much to take in. I felt like I should have restricted myself to a few blocks and really studied my surroundings in the time that I had. But I also wanted to sightsee and drink and be hungover and go places without a giant camera hanging off my neck. In the end ‘being hungover’ monopolised most my time but these are some of the photos I took in my wanderings.

Office buildings on Roosevelt Island, NYC. View Across the East River from Roosevelt Island, NYC. Parkland on the south side of Roosevelt Island at dawn. The George Gustav Heye Center, NYC Architecture of New York Skyscrapers in New York city. Wall mural NYC Elaborate mosaic found somewhere in Manhattan. Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Willamsburg, Brooklyn.