Aled Williams is the web portfolio of UK Graphic designer Aled Williams and he’s also not half bad.

The site only came online a couple of months ago and already his branding and work has got a great deal of attention. Especially the re-brand of Boomerang PLC- an umbrella company for a bunch of media organisations in the UK.

The logos have a retro feel to them but to to just say that they’re retro is to a do a disservice to a really some really strong and clever corporate identity. Aled has basically taken the simplest shape that exists, short of a straight line, and spun it into patterns and forms that are consistent with one another but discrete enough to act as logos for Boomerang’s subsidiary organisations.

NotJones—Boomerang Branding from NotJones on Vimeo.

Check out more of his work on

NB: the plus and minus signs in the upper left of each image are actually navigation. . . Just in case anyone is as slow on the uptake as I am.