May, 2009 Archive



When it started in 2009 my site was dedicated to inspiring work in any medium. It was a chance for me to share news and resources with other creative types and let people know what I’m working towards and where I’m coming from.

The blog was originally called Select-Av. ‘Av’ referred to the switch on some digital cameras that allows you to set the aperture and automate the other settings. A narrow aperture keeps everything in focus whereas a wide aperture isolates one small detail and throws the rest of the scene out of focus. I wanted to take the same approach with my posts here- sometimes looking at the big picture and other times the individual steps in the creative process.

Since that time it’s turned into a bit more of a diary/travelogue with the occasional essay thrown in for good measure. As it turned out the world of commercial design doesn’t lend itself to nice debriefs on the creative process. For example; if you write about identity design for a local business and use their name you run the risk of siphoning traffic away from their actual site. Clients may not be happy about showing what’s ‘under the hood’ of their design job and agencies tend to be selective in regards to what they put in their portfolios and who it can be attributed to. Further up the commercial food chain you run into non-disclosure agreements and a great deal of secrecy involving design projects and conceptual work.

That being the case, I tended to steer the blog towards showcasing artwork and design projects by people that I found inspiring. I also posted my own photos occasionally- but usually months or years after the fact.

In 2015 when it came time to re-design and overhaul the site I went back and re-visited those old posts hoping to update the images or find higher-res versions and was thrilled to re-discover those artists and see how their work had evolved in the intervening years.

I still work as a designer. I still shoot the occasional photograph. It still takes me months to process my photos.